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Storm Nation - September 12, 2012 PJ Haggerty Reviews The Storm Manic

PJ Haggerty Reviews The Storm Manic

Name: PJ Haggerty

Storm Product: Storm Manic

Accomplishment: Easy to be had when throwing this ball!

Pro Shop/Driller: One Stop Bowling

Bowling Center: Strikes Unlimited

Bowling Average: 243

"Storm Manic PAP : 4 ½ & ½ up Rev Rate: 400-425 rpm Ball Weight: 15lbs Right Handed This is a ball I have grown to love. I have had a lot of success with this ball on shorter/medium length patterns. My favorite drilling on this ball is pretty simple, 4 ½ x 4. I didn’t touch the surface on it out of the box and probably have 100 games on it. I have cleaned it a few times with some Storm Reacta Clean and that’s it. For me, this ball is relatively clean, but smooth off the end of most patterns. If your house pattern has the tendency to get wet/dry, this ball will be great! It’s just clean enough through the front part of the lane and still continues through the oil without changing direction super hard. I can definitely see a lot of people using this ball on Cheetah, Viper, and Chameleon. Anything shorter than 39’ this ball is going to strike a LOT! I have seen a lot of low rev players use this ball with success as well. We have drilled a bunch of these for customers who didn’t want to spend a lot on a really good ball and have been more than impressed with it. The colors are attractive and Storm made a quality addition to the lineup this year! Go drill one! You won’t be disappointed! Check out for more information!"

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September, 2012