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Storm Nation - September 12, 2012 PJ Haggerty Reviews The Storm IQ Tour

PJ Haggerty Reviews The Storm IQ Tour

Name: PJ Haggerty

Storm Product: Storm IQ Tour Edition

Accomplishment: USBC will be busy sending out awards for this ball!

"Storm IQ Tour Edition PAP : 4 ½ & ½ up Rev Rate: 400-425 rpm Ball Weight: 15lbs Right Handed The Storm IQ Tour Edition is another great addition to the Master Line. If you are looking for a benchmark ball to see how the lanes are playing, this is the ball for that. I like this ball so much, I've drilled three of them. I've drilled one strong, weak, and in-between. All three are going to be going with me to the World Series in Vegas. I am very confident this ball serves its purpose on all types of conditions. It takes surface well and when it shines up, definitely has a quicker response time because of the .029 differential. Side by side with the IQ, the Tour Edition is cleaner through the front part of the lane with a quicker response time down-lane. I would recommend this ball on medium/heavy volume patterns, especially when you need a ball to make the corner without using a pearl ball. The strongest one I drilled (3.5 x 3 with a hole on my axis) is definitely early and uses a lot of energy in the front part of the lane. The benchmark drilling is 4.5 x 4 and is a great ball for league or to blend out the end of a pattern. The weaker one I drilled (5.5 x 5, no hole) is very good when I have to get inside of 20 and create a larger shape down lane. Go drill one, you won’t be disappointed! Check out for more information!"

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September, 2012