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Storm Nation - September 12, 2012 PJ Haggerty Reviews The Storm IQ

PJ Haggerty Reviews The Storm IQ

Name: PJ Haggerty

Storm Product: IQ

Accomplishment: There will be TONS of accomplishments with this ball! Go drill one!

Pro Shop/Driller: One Stop Bowling

Bowling Center: Strikes Unlimited

Bowling Average: 243

"Storm IQ PAP : 4 ½ & ½ up Rev Rate: 400-425 rpm Ball Weight: 15lbs Right Handed Wow what a ball! If you need a ball that’s early and smooth, the Storm IQ is the ball for you. This ball can be used on all types of conditions. I have used it on heavy oil/long patterns, medium oil/medium length patterns, and light oil/short patterns. This is not a ball that changes directions super hard, but is perfect for when the lanes are fresh and you are able to use a strong core! This ball is drilled 5 x 3 with a small hole on my axis. This creates some length through the front but with a mid-lane reaction. I can definitely see low or high rev players loving this ball. If you are looking to keep that “early roll” reaction, make sure you keep this ball dull by using one of Storm’s Abralon pads. My guess is you will see this ball go down on lots of different lane conditions because of how well this ball endures surface changes. You can keep it dull for heavy oil or low rev players, shine it up to create length, or keep it around 3000 for a nice smooth reaction! Go drill one! You won’t be disappointed! Check out for more information!"

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September, 2012