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Storm Nation - September 12, 2012 PJ Haggerty Reviews The Storm Fire Road

PJ Haggerty Reviews The Storm Fire Road

Name: PJ Haggerty

Storm Product: Fire Road

Accomplishment: This ball has the potential to have a TON of honor scores! Read review below!

Pro Shop/Driller: One Stop Bowling

Bowling Center: Strikes Unlimited

Bowling Average: 243

"Storm Fire Road PAP : 4 ½ & ½ up Rev Rate: 400-425 rpm Ball Weight: 15lbs Right Handed This ball is one I was definitely excited for when I heard it was coming out. The Virutal Gravity coverstock with the Road core? Sounds like a home run to me. The coverstock definitely slows down the energy in this ball which makes it very controllable down lane. I have had a hard time using this ball on a lot of fresh patterns, which makes sense. But when I have to get in and hook it, this ball is one of the best out there. The one I use the most has the pin drilled through the middle finger with a small shift and a hole approximately two inches below my axis. This drilling makes it a 5 x 3.5 and was roughed up to 2000 with approximately 50 games on it. This ball is in my bag at all times because I am confident as soon as the pattern breaks down and a spot develops down lane to throw it to, this ball will come alive! I feel like this ball will be great on longer/heavier volume patterns as well as medium/house patterns. The response time might be a little too quick for shorter patterns, but nonetheless it’s going to be a home run for a lot of players. If you feel like a Victory Road pearl, Crossroad, or Fringe are too quick off the spot, the Fire Road will be a perfect fit! If you feel like this ball is still too clean/quick off the spot, take the shine off with a Storm Abralon pad (2000/3000) and it will read the mid-lane stronger and smooth off that down lane reaction! Go drill one! You won’t be disappointed! Check out for more information!"

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September, 2012