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Storm Nation - September 12, 2012 Mark Payne Rolls First PBA 300 Game

Mark Payne Rolls First PBA 300 Game

Name: Louie Wemett

Storm Product: Marvel Pearl

Accomplishment: PBA 300 Game

"Hi Hank, It is with great pleasure I had some news I wanted to share with you. I was so excited to see Storm sponser a PBA senior tournament this weekend. So I went to [represent]. The real good news was even though I didnt win, but placed 11th, I did shoot my first PBA 300 game. I was wearing that Marvel Pearl shirt you gave me and also using the Marvel Pearl I drilled up. It was exciting and I just had to let you know again how much I appreciate you. You do know there are a lot of people now of days who do not appreciate what they should. God bless you Hank, Mark Payne"

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September, 2012