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Storm Nation - September 2, 2012 !Q review by staffer Garrett Richardson

!Q review by staffer Garrett Richardson

Name: garrett richardson

Storm Product: !Q

Accomplishment: Hand: Left Ball Speed: 16-17mph Ball Weight: 15lbs PAP: 5 left 7/16 up Degrees of Tilt: 17 Layout: 5 1/4 x 4 7/8 x 3 The !Q is drilled with the pin above the fingers above the bridge with no hole. With the factory 4000 Abralon finish it is clean through the heads with a early read in the mid lane and a smooth continuous motion to the pocket and hits the pins HARD. I was really surprised how clean I was able to get it through the front for me with the 4000 and the PFT™ - Progressive Friction Technology Solid cover stock compared to the marvel solid which I had to have more oil for to get the right reaction. The !Q is a great medium to heavy oil ball for people who bowl tournaments or bowl in leagues where the conditions are a little more challenging than your typical house shot. The !Q is versatile for different types of bowlers and lane play. The best patterns that worked best for me with the !Q is medium to longer patterns. On the medium patterns I am able to stand in my comfort zone which is the 23 board and swing it out to the 9-10 board at the breakpoint; and have a nice smooth back end motion which is controllable and does not have a sharp angle down lane. For the longer patterns I can play straighter which would be standing around the 10 and going up 6-7 board. You can play a tighter line on longer patterns with the !Q but can’t give it too much speed or its going to drive past the breakpoint from what I have noticed. As long as you are soft at the bottom when playing a tighter line it is a MONSTER! If you have any questions about the !Q email me at Garrett Richardson Storm/Roto Grip Amateur Staff Vise Inserts Amateur Staff Pinole Bowler’s Supply

Pro Shop/Driller: Pinole Bowler's Supply

Bowling Center: AMF Pinole Valley Lanes

Bowling Average: 223

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September, 2012