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Storm Nation - August 7, 2012 Dan Slater Wins First Singles Tournament With Storm Fire Road

Won First Singles Tournament!

Name: Dan Slater

Storm Product: Fireroad and Frantic

Accomplishment: Won my first singles sport shot tournament on 08/06/12. The pattern was a 50 foot sport pattern. Qualified 5th so last spot into match play by just 1 pin. In the match play we bowl on a pair and move right after every game so each match is on a diff pair. The first match I shot a 212 to win. Then in the 2nd match the lanes were not good could not find a line and only managed a 149 as I split most of my shots. Luckily the guy I bowled against had even more issues and only shot a 137. After that I could not miss. Shot a clean 227 in the semi's and a 236 in the finals to take it. I used my fireroad all the way through qualifying and match play up til the last game and that pair was hooking a lot more so was able to move a little right and drop down to my frantic and I could not miss the pocket.

Pro Shop/Driller: KO's Pro Shop Des Moines Iowa

Bowling Center: Val Lanes

Bowling Average: 185

"Fireroad and Frantic are 2 of the best balls I have ever thrown. These are 2 reason why Storm is the best bowling company in the WORLD!!!! BOWL UP A STORM!!!"

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