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Storm Nation - October 21, 2014 My First 800

My First 800

Name: Roger Allard

Storm Product: 2 Fast

Accomplishment: I just started bowling again after 7 years of not bowling. I had to buy a new ball in that time period because one summer in AZ cracked it. So I bought the Storm 2 Fast. At first I did not like the ball but without having money to buy a new one (again) I made do with it. I bowled a winter league and held a 200 average but I thought that with a better ball I could bowl better. I decided to bring my ball in and trade to a new ball. Come to find out the ball was not drilled right for my hand and the way I throw. So I got it re drilled and within 4 weeks my average went up 21 pins and in week 4 bowled my first 730 series and then week 5 bowled my first 808 series. Needless to say I'm keeping that ball! 

Pro Shop/Driller: Kyrene Lanes

Bowling Center: Ten Pins Down

"I'm ready to buy another storm ball as I'm looking to start bowling tournaments and need a heavy oil ball. Thanks Storm!"

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