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MatchMaker Live

Saturday, November 2, 2013
Hampton, VA

Visit X-Treme Performance Pro Shop inside Sparetimes for a MatchMaker Live event presented by Storm, Roto Grip, and Master products.

Sparetimes / X-Treme Performance Pro Shop
1 Family Fun Place
Hampton, VA 23666

The Storm / Roto Grip MatchMaker program gives you the opportunity to test your artillery before you add it to your arsenal. With balls pre-drilled to specific spans, bowlers of all sizes and skill levels can experience for themselves which balls offer the feel, shape, and action through the pins that will put them in a position of domination.

Squads will sell out and are available by reservation only! Call today and sign-up!

For more information, pricing, and to sign-up, please contact Bill Glazier at 848-5597

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