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    Harwinton, Connecticut
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Tony Reynaud


Tony is a Greater Central Connecticut USBC and Connecticut State Bowling Association Hall of Fame Inductee (2002 and (2004).  He loves going to the movies, he owns a video store and is a big New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys fan.  

When not on the lanes, he enjoys golfing and traveling.  Reynaud is a co-owner of Hall of Fame Silver Lanes in East Hartford, Connecticut.


  • 10-Time NEBA Champion
  • 2-Time NEBA Senior Bowler of the Year (2012 and 2013)
  • 2-Time NEBA Bowler of the Year (1985 and 1987)
  • 16-Time Connecticut State Bowling Association Champion
  • 20-Time GCC USBC Champion and All Star Team Member
  • 1st  2012 Bowlers Journal Senior Champion (Doubles)
  • 6-Time Greater Danbury Bowling Association Champion
  • 4-Time GCC USBC Bowler of the Year
  • 2-Time Northeast Senior Challenge Champion
  • 2-Time Grand Masters Bowling Champion