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  • Home Town
    Stockton, California
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  • 300 Games


Cecil Scarboro


Besides bowling, Cecil loves cars, drag racing, golf and baseball.  His favorite foods are pizza and Asian food.  His favorite music is contemporary Christian music, light rock and easy listening.  He is an avid fan of the Atlanta Braves, Miami Dolphins, and San Francisco Giants. 

Along with his love for bowling, he loves to pass on the knowledge that he has gained.  He loves working at pro shops and helping them become healthier and more profitable businesses.


  • 1st    1988 NABI Marianna Open Champion
  • 1st    1996 Northwest Florida Bowling Conference Champion (Scratch Team)
  • 1st    2001 Panama City BA Tournament Champion (Scratch Team)
  • 10th  2004 PBA New Port Ritchie Open
  • 1st    2008 San Marcos BA Champion (Singles)
  • 1st    2008 San Marcos BA Champion (All Events)
  • 2002 Tallahassee BA Scratch Bowler of the Year