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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Mike Edwards


Mike has a total of six PBA Regional Titles along with one PBA National Title. He's been a PBA member now for 28 years and is a USBC Bronze Certified Coach.  Inducted into the American Indian Athletic, State of Oklahoma, and Tulsa Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1997, 2001 and 2010 - respectively.

Mike is a HUGE Oklahoma Sooners fan he bleeds crimson and cream! Other sports teams he watches are the Chicago Cubs, Seattle Seahawks, University of Tulsa and New York Yankees. His favorite food  is a perfectly cooked steak (Strip, T-bone, or Bone-in Filet). He enjoys blues music or basically any real good music such as country, rock and jazz.

His favorite hobbies are sitting in his backyard on the patio, grilling food and watching sports on TV with his wife Samantha.


PBA National Highlights

  • 1st    1994 IOF Forrester’s Children’s Miracle Network Open Championships Toronto, Canada
  • 1st    2004 PBA Tour Trials Championships Champion Merrillville, Indiana

 PBA Regional Highlights

  • 1st    1998 Shawnee Fire Lake Casino Open Champion Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • 1st    1998 Lawton IHOP Open Champion Lawton, Oklahoma
  • 1st    2005 Skyway Casino Open Champion Seattle, Washington
  • 1st    2008 Aaron’s Hawthorne Bauk Open Champion Betton, Missouri
  • 1st    2009 Aaron’s Hawthorne Bauk Open Champion Betton, Missouri
  • 1st    2010 Storm Beechmoat Toyota PBA Open Champion Cincinnati, Ohio