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  • Home Town: Wesley Chapel, Florida
  • Birth Date: 2/22/1975
  • Throws: Right
  • 300 Games: 11
  • 800 Series: 857
  • Career Regional Titles: 8
  • Career National Titles: 1
  • Career Earnings: $298,344
  • Positive Axis Point: 5 1/2" over - 1/2" up
  • Favorite Layout: 5 1/2" from axis - pin up, no hole


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I started bowling when I was 2 and have loved bowling ever sense. I bowled my first adult league when I was 13. I shot my first 300 at the age of 15 and won my first adult tournament, for $10,000, the same year. Turned pro in 2001 and started bowling full time in 2004.  

 I own and operate 2 pro shops in the Tampa Bay Area. When I am not bowling, or on the golf course, I love spending time at home with my wife Cristin and our three beautiful daughters, Camryn and the twins Cayce and Courtney. I also have a son Kody who has just started bowling recently and is getting better everyday.

I am lucky enough to have unlimited time to practice when I am home and at the shops. I work a lot on my timing and am always trying to get better at the line.  Balance and footwork are key for my no thumb release .You get out of bowling what you put in.