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  • Home Town: Espoo, Finland
  • Birth Date: 11/18/1983
  • Throws: Right
  • Ball Weight: 15 lbs.
  • 300 Games: 45
  • Career National Titles: 3
  • Career Earnings: $339,766
  • Favorite Layout: PAP: 5-1/4" straight across - My favorite layout is pin above bridge with CG kicked right of grip line with no extra hole. Thumb hole acts as a balance hole as it is placed 1" right of grip line.


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  • Osku Palermaa
  • osku palermaa
  • Osku Palermaa
  • Osku Palermaa
  • osku palermaa
  • osku palermaa
  • osku palermaa
  • osku palermaa
  • osku palermaa
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I have been around the sport of bowling my entire life. My father worked at a bowling center when I was little so of course i was easily hooked. I started rolling the ball down the lane about the same time I learned to walk. As I continued to grow as a child so did my game. By the time I was 14 I started to travel great distances to events around my native country of Finland. From that point I knew I wanted to travel the world and become the best bowler I could be.

My family and friends always have and always will mean a lot to me, just as the sport of bowling. Bowling has guided me through many life experiences from traveling the globe to creating wonderful friendships. More importantly bowling allowed me to meet my future wife and recent mother to our first child, Veronica. She has been by my side and helped me grow along the way as a bowler, a man and now as a father.

Gothenburg, Sweden resident was born in Espoo, Finland...Began bowling with two hands as a toddler…Won his exemption into the PBA World Series of Bowling as European Bowling Tour points leader…Speaks fluent English...One of three "two-handers" competing on Tour this season...Has won numerous medals in international competition...Won 2009 WTBA World Ranking Masters…Won 2008 QubicaAMF World Cup…Owns 10 European Bowling Tour titles…Two-time EBT Bowler of the Year...Won gold medal in 2013 World Games singles competition...Inducted into World Bowling Writers International Bowling Hall of Fame in 2013. 

2015: Finished fifth in H.H. Emir Cup...Teamed with Dom Barrett to finish second in Roth/Holman Doubles losing to Norm Duke and Wes Malott in championship match 228-203. 

Career: In 2014 won World Bowling Tour Thailand tournament for fourth career PBA Tour title by defeating Ryan Ciminelli 243-334 in championship match...In 2012-13, Finished second in World Series of Bowling Bowlers Journal Scorpion Championship, losing to Tom Daugherty in the championship match 200-182...Finished fifth in Tournament of Champions...In 2011-12 Palermaa became the first international player, and the first two-handed bowler, to win the PBA World Championship when he defeated Ryan Shafer of Horseheads, N.Y., 203-177, in the season’s first major championship. Also made PBA history by winning Kuwait Open to become first player to win a PBA title under new PBA/WTBA alliance. He defeated Tom Smallwood in two-game final stepladder match 267-232 and 268-226...Previous best Tour finish prior to win in 2010-11 was third in 2010 Etonic Don Johnson Elminator...Finished fifth in 2004 U.S. Open...In 2010-11 he won the GEICO Shark Championship for first Tour title and became second player with two-handed delivery to win a title (Jason Belmonte was first). Also finished fourth in PBA World Championship and seventh in Tournament of Champions...Owns one PBA regional title. 

PBA standard titles (3): 2010-11 - GEICO Shark Championship, Las Vegas; 2011-12 - Kuwait Open; 2014 - Thailand 

PBA major titles (1): 2011-12 - PBA World Championship. 

Awards: Named 2006 World Bowling Writers Bowler of the Year...Named Finnish Bowler of the Year in 2008 and 2009. 


Season*EventsCashesMatch PlayTV FinalsTitlesAvgEarnings
2015 Season 10 5 2 1 0 222.06 $27,010.00
2014 Season 20 11 1 0 1 216.55 $74,033.00
2012-2013 Season 26 19 9 4 0 221.99 $78,813.41
2011-2012 Season 11 10 5 2 2 218.75 $79,110.00
2010-2011 Season 7 4 4 3 1 221.91 $59,200.00
2009-2010 Season 8 7 4 1 0 212.86 $21,600.00

In general for most tournaments I like to prepare by practicing on the pattern that is to be used. I like to get an idea as to how the lanes may transition.

On the PBA Tour, I usually practice the entire alotted time for practice sessions. Sometimes even longer. Then there are other times where I feel good and will not practice as much.

When I bowl events in Europe I have a different practice schedule. Since most events run from Thursday to Monday,  I use Tuesday and Wednesday as my practice days. Again it all depends on how I am feeling as to how much time I put in each day.

Since my style of game is physically demanding I like to also spend time playing other sports so that I am able to stay fit and keep my endurance up. I feel that endurance is key for me when bowling long format tournaments.


1. You have bowled all over the world.  What is the best country you have ever bowled in excluding the US? United Arab Emirates. I have been to Dubai twice now in the last two years and it's nice over there as well.

2. Do you have any interesting superstitions or routines you go through before, during, or after bowling?  What is the most interesting superstition or routine you have seen from another bowler on tour? I have a few of those, like the way I wipe my ball, shoe, and so on. Oh and my personal favorite, my lucky pair of pink boxers.

3. What is the best advice you have for a teenage bowler looking to make a career out of bowling? Believe in yourself, have fun, and never give up!

4. When do you know when you need to change bowling balls? When I start leaving too many flats tens.

5. If you had one piece of advice for bowlers trying to elevate their game to a higher level, what would it be? Practice, practice, practice.

6. How do you block out distractions around you during tournament play? You just need to get used to it and concentrate on what you are doing. The best way to get your mind off of what's happening around you is to concentrate on one particular thing during your shot.

7. What is one valuable life lesson that you learned while on the PBA Tour that you believe would benefit most people? Live your life day by day.

8. Are there any particular songs or bands that you listen to before you bowl to help you get pumped up? I listen to few different bands. Mostly rock and hard rock.

9. If you got to choose a superhero ability, what would it be? To be able to do/move/stop things telepathically.

10. What or who got you started in the sport of bowling? My father got me into it. He worked at a bowling center and quite often he took me there with him.