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  • Home Town: Yakima, Washington
  • Birth Date: 9/21/1992
  • Throws: Right
  • Ball Weight: 15 lbs.
  • 300 Games: 1
  • Career Earnings: $32,507
  • Positive Axis Point: 5 1/2" over, 1/2 up.
  • Favorite Layout: Pin below bridge, CG kicked 20 degrees with a hole.


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When Marshall isn't bowling he loves being outside golfing, fishing, huntin, and water skiing.  He is an avid Seattle Seahawks fan.  His favorite music is country. He has a very relaxed personality and loves talking about the sport of bowling.

In his rookie season, finished fourth in Badger Open losing to Brian Valenta in second stepladder match 236-165…Finished fourth in 2013 U.S. Open as an amateur losing to eventual winner Wes Malott 200-193 in opening match…Bowling as an amateur in 2013 Scorpion Championship, finished second to winner Tom Smallwood in championship match 216-213. 

  • 2010 USBC Junior Gold Championships Champion
  • 2010 North Pointe Insurance High School Championships Champion
  • 2010 Junior World Team Challenge Champion
  • 4th  2011 USBC Junior Gold Championships
  • PABCON Youth Championships Gold Medal (Trios)
  • PABCON Youth Championships Silver Medal (Team)
  • 2012 Team USA Trials Champion
  • 24th  2012 US Open
  • 2011/12 Collegiate Bowler of the Year
  • 2011/12 First Team All American
  • 2012 World Youth Championships Gold Medalist (Singles)
  • 2012 World Youth Championships Gold Medalist (Team)
  • 2012 World Youth Championships Silver Medalist (Doubles)
  • 2012 World Youth Championships Silver Medalist (All Events)
  • 2012 World Youth Championships Bronze Medalist (Masters)
  • 5th  2012 North Pointe Junior Gold Championships
  • PABCON Adult Championships Gold Medalist (Team)
  • PABCON Adult Championships Silver Medalist (Trios)
  • 2012 EBT Russion Open Champion
  • 2nd  2012 Qubica AMF World Cup
  • 2nd  2013 Team USA Trials
  • 3-Time Junior Team USA Member (2011, 2012 and 2013)
  • 2-Time Team USA Member (2012 and 2013)