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  • Home Town: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Birth Date: 11/4/1980
  • Throws: Right
  • Ball Weight: 15 lbs.
  • 300 Games: 15
  • 800 Series: 27
  • Career Regional Titles: 1
  • Career National Titles: 4
  • Career Earnings: $866,707
  • Positive Axis Point: 3 1/2" over - 1" up
  • Favorite Layout: Pin down 4 1/2" from PAP, no hole


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  • Fagan

I started bowling at age 6 at East Meadow Bowl on Long Island. I was taken out of middle school to be on my high school bowling team and have been working hard to get better ever since. I bowled in college at St. John's University and after graduating joined the PBA. I have been bowling professionally since 2002 and appreciate the journey to get to the level I am at today. Every experience from junior bowling to traveling around the globe has kept me learning and continuing to grow as a player.

Some of the things I enjoy doing are working out, playing the piano and going to concerts. My taste in music ranges from Billy Joel to Taking Back Sunday. I root hard for the New York Jets and Mets even though its an uphill battle. My degree was in Finance so I also keep an eye on stocks & currency markets.

I will have amassed 30 different countries traveled to this year and I am always interested in visiting new places and trying new foods. The country with my favorite cuisine is Japan.

I also enjoy writing and was lucky enough to make the cover of Bowler's Journal with the article I wrote recently named "MoneyBowl" about the statistical potential of the game.

Pronounced FAY-ghan…Married to Emily...Formerly from Patchogue, N.Y., now making his home in Fort Worth...Lists his toughest opponent as Chris Barnes...Earned fifth Team USA berth for 2015...Won team gold, trios, silver and singles bronze in 2011 PABCON Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico...Won fifth Europeon Bowling Tour title in Munich, Germany in 2012...Teamed with Kelly Kulick to win 2013 World Games Mixed Doubles for the U.S's first bowling gold medal in the 23-year history of bowling's involvement in the games...Won silver medal (team) in 2013 WTBA World Bowling Championships...Won silver in trios (with Sean Rash, Marshall Kent), five-player team with Chris Barnes, Bill O'Neill, Sean Rash and Tommy Jones) and Masters in 2014 WBA Men's World Championship in Abu Dhabi...Serves as PBA Player Committee Chairman and is on the USBC Board of Directors. 

2015: Started 2015 season with second- place finish in DHC Japan Invitational losing to Chris Barnes 206-196 in title match...Finished sixth in Bahrain International Open. 

Career: In 2014 won PBA World Championship for fifth Tour title and second major by defeating Wes Malott 259-212 in championship match...Finished third in Saudi Arabia Kingdom International Open losing to eventual winner Marshall Kent in the semifinal round 243-237...Finished third in Wolf Open losing to eventual winner Sean Rash 241-214 in semifinal match...Won first individual title by capturing the Dick Weber Open in Fountain Valley, Calif. in 2009-10 season…Had two other television appearances that season including second in Shark Championship and third in DyDo Japan Cup…First title was PBA Exempt Doubles Classic in 2007-08 with Danny Wiseman.…Win came in his 108th career event…Finished third in the 63rd U.S. Open in 2006…Had a career-high four 300 games during the 2007-08 season...Staged a 30-pin comeback to win his first career major by winning the 2012 Alka-Seltzer Plus Liquid Gels USBC Masters defeating Chris Barnes 246-213 in championship match. Win was his third PBA Tour title...In 2012 won Brunswick Euro Challenge by defeating Johkinen Joonas of Finland 279-193 in championship match for fourth Tour title. Finished second in 2012 U.S. Open losing to Pete Weber in title match 215-214. Finished fourth in season-ending Tournament of Champions...In 2012-13 finished third in Bayer Advanced Aspirin World Bowling Tour Men's Final, losing to Chris Barnes in semifinal match, 258-244...In 2012-13 finished fourth in WSOB V PBA World Championship by defeating Tom Smallwood in opening match 258-237 then losing to Pete Weber in next match 258-246...Finished fourth in Viper Champion losing to Mika Koivuniemi in opening match, 214-150...Finished fourth in Lucas Oil Milwaukee Open and WBT/PBA Vienna Open...Finished fifth in WBT Thailand event...Owns two PBA regional titles. 

Career Standard Titles (3): 2007-08 – Doubles (with Danny Wiseman), Las Vegas, Nev.; 2009-10 - Dick Weber Open, Fountain Valley, Calif.; 2011-12 - Brunswick Euro Challenge, Saint Maximin, France. 

Career Major Titles (2): 2011-12 - USBC Masters, Las Vegas; 2014 - PBA World Championship, Las Vegas. 


Season*EventsCashesMatch PlayTV FinalsTitlesAvgEarnings
2015 Season 10 8 3 1 0 224.85 $39,770.00
2014 Season 18 15 6 2 1 223.67 $116,273.00
2012-2013 Season 29 20 10 4 0 218.53 $90,991.00
2011-2012 Season 13 12 7 6 2 227.53 $116,950.00
2010-2011 Season 12 9 6 1 0 216.00 $43,200.00
2009-2010 Season 19 18 11 4 1 220.49 $86,600.00
2008-2009 Season 20 20 15 3 0 218.46 $81,850.00
2007-2008 Season 19 18 10 1 1 216.43 $58,123.61
2006-2007 Season 20 20 12 1 0 218.39 $46,150.00
2005-2006 Season 20 20 11 2 0 215.89 $79,740.00

I try to get some form of exercise every day. I have recently discovered Cross Fit and it has motivated me to get into better and better shape.

I practice at the International Training & Research Center (ITRC) in Arlington, Texas. I am in the facility either practicing or drilling balls whenever I am not traveling. Working on different aspects of my game. Playing different parts of the lane with different speeds and rolls while trying to keep in time is part of my normal routine.