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    Colorado Springs, CO
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Tish Johnson


26 career 800 series with a high of 837

Tish is a member of the PWBA and WIBC Halls of Fame

Tish began bowling when she was only six years old, won the 1980 Albert E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow Award as the sport's most promising female newcomer. Two years later, she had the high average in the WIBC national tournament with 224 pins.

She was named the Ladies Professional Bowling Tour bowler of the year in 1990 and 1992. Johnson led the tour in winnings both years, with $94,420 in 1990 and $96,872 in 1992, when she won two major tournaments, the Women's Open and the Sam's Town Invitational. She led in earnings again in 1995, with $123,440, and she won her third bowler of the year award.

She has established a reputation as the "Iron Woman" of the women's tour, competing in a record 236 consecutive tournaments up until the end of the PWBA tour in 2002.


  • 2011 Colorado Springs Masters Champion
  • 2011 Colorado Springs Queens Champion
  • 25 career LPBT/PWBA National Titles
  • 28 career LPBT/PWBA Regional titles
  • 2-time PWBA Player of the Year - 92, 95
  • 3-time BWAA Bowler of the Year - 90, 92, 95
  • 1993 PWBA High Average award winner
  • 6-time WIBC All American Team
  • 6-time Bowlers Journal All American Team
  • 1982 WIBC National High average (224)
  • 4-time California State Queens champion
  • 7-time Southern California Women Bowler of the Year
  • 1st - 1996 Super Hoinke - becoming the first female to ever win a "Megabuck event"

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