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    San Jose, Costa Rica
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Marie Ramirez-Solera


Marie is a USBC Silver Certified Coach.  She was a 22-time Costa Rican National Bowling Team member.  Olympic Torch Bearer in Barcelona 1992. She was 2-time Athlete of the Year in Costa Rica (1991-1992), awarded the Bronze Discobolo 1992 and 17-time Bowler of the Year.. Athlete of the decade: One of the top 10 athletes of the decade 2000-2009. PRIZE COLIBRI – National Olympic Committee of Costa Rica: Best bowler of the year in women 2010. She was 3-time the Olympic team flag bearer (México 1990 – Cuba 1991 – Ponce 1993)

Marie loves to spend time with friends and family.  Most of all, she loves bowling!  She loves to teach bowling, and sharing her knowledge of bowling to people who want to learn more.


  • 2014 Team COSTA RICA High Qualifier Masters Event, Central America and México Bowling Tournament, CAMBOWL, Panamá
  • 2013 Central America and Caribbean Bowling Tournament, Cali, Colombia, Silver Medal Duos.
  • 2013, X Central America Olympic Games, San José, Costa Rica, Gold Medalist (Duos), Silver Medalist (Trios, Team, Team All Event) and  Bronze Medalist (Masters)
  • 2010 PABCON Champion of Champions Bronze Medalist (Masters Event) Guatemala
  • 2010 Central America and Caribbean Bowling Tournament Gold Medalist (Team) Panamá 
  • 2006 Central American Bowling Tournament Silver Medalist (All Events) El Salvador 
  • 2005 Central American Bowling Tournament Silver Medalist (All Events) Costa Rica 
  • 3rd  2003 AMF World Cup, Honduras
  • 2003 Central American Bowling Tournament Gold Medalist (All Events) Guatemala 
  • 2003 Central American and Caribbean Bowling Tournament Bronze Medalist (All Events) Panamá 
  • 7th  2003 Panamerican Olympic Games, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
  • 2002 Central America and Caribbean Olympic Games Gold Medalist (All Events) El Salvador 
  • 1993 Panamerican Bowling Tournament “FIQ” Silver Medalist (All Events) Guadalajara, México 
  • 1993 Central America and Caribbean Olympic Games Silver Medalist (All Events) Puerto Rico 
  • 4th  1992 AMF World Cup, Le Manns, France.
  • 5th  1991 Panamerican Olympic Games, La Habana, Cuba
  • 1990 Central America and Caribbean Olympic Games Bronze Medalist (All Events) México 
  • 1983-1985 Lee Evans Bowling Tournament of the Americas Youth Division Champion Florida
  • 5-Time International Tournament Champion La Raza, Costa Rica (1989/90/91/92/93)
  • 2-Time International Bowling Tournament “BOL LEON” Champion Guanajuato, México, (1992/1993)
  • 2-Time International Bowling Tournament “EAGLE BOWLING PALACE”Champion Aruba (1991/1992)
  • 2nd 1991 5th International Bowling Tournament Curacao