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  • Home Town
    Yangsan, Kyeonsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
  • Birth Date
  • Throws


Dong Hyun Noh


Sponsored by Jin Seung Trading Co.

Team: Samho Co., Ltd.


 1st STORM Cup 32nd, 2nd KPBA Cup 61st, 2nd KPBA Player's Cup 78th, 7th Samho Korea Cup 148th, 5th DSD Handok Cup 37th, 3rd IT JAPAN Cup 6th, 5th Ebonite cup 19th, 3rd KPBA Player's Cup 33rd, 1st KPBA CLASSIC 66th, 4th KPBA Player's Cup 10th, 11th KPBA Cup 17th, 1st Amajonsoojokgwanbae 60th, MASTERS 24th, KPBA Player's 8th Ebonite Cup 20th, 6th KPBA Player's Cup 36th, Point ranking 54th(814.00)(2009)