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  • Home Town
    Kwangju, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • Birth Date
  • Throws
  • 300 Games
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Young Pil Kim


Sponsored by Jin Seung Trading Co.

His wife is also a professional bowler (Mi Jung, Cha)


Titles 6th (96 Tiburon Cup, The 97 First Fire Cup, the fourth Daejeon Tour, 2003 Samho Construction Cup, 2010 Korea Fashion Jewerly Cup, 2001 KPBA Cup, 2002 Roto Grip Cup, 2008 5th KPBA Player's Cup)

2008 6th DSD Handok Cup 11th, 11th KPBA Cup 23rd, 2008 Taeyeong Cup 31st, 2nd KPBA CLASSIC 3rd, Brunswick Cup 12th, Taeyeong Cup (the Second) 7th, 7th Ebonite Cup 47th, 5th KPBA Player's Cup Victory, 2008 TV Final Game 3rd advances, 2009 1st AmazonAquarium's Cup 11th, dozen time KPBA cup bictory in the semifinals, MASTERS 18th, 2009 TV Final Game 1st advences. 2nd place on KPBA Cup(12,18,2009).

2010 Columbia Cup, 2010 Ha-Hoe Mask Cup Andong Tour