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  • City: Morehead
  • State: Kentucky
  • Teams: Men's and Women's
  • Mascot: Eagles
  • National Titles: 4

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2015-2016 Women's

Brandy Anderson             Freshman                            Louisville, Kentucky

Carlie Sawyer                     Sophomore                        Mason, Michigan

Darlene Artrip                   Freshman                            Columbus, Ohio

Katie Gemberling             Freshman                            Franklin, Indiana

Kaitlyn Kinnaird                 Senior                                   Louisville, Kentucky

Mary Neitzel                      Freshman                            Georgetown, Kentucky

Natalie McCormich          Freshman                            Owensboro, Kentucky

Sarah Fields                        Freshman                            Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

Shelby Barnett                  Freshman                            Campbellsville, Kentucky

Shelby McClure                Sophomore                        Hamilton, Ohio

Stephanie Carson            Senior                                   Albany, New York

Tiffani Richards                 Sophomore                        Winchester, Kentucky


Coaching Staff 

Eric Spurlock 8 Years Head Coach
Bobby Brown 17 Years Assistant Coach


2015-2016 Men's 


Andrew Diley                                     Sophomore                        Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Cameron Broadbent                        Senior                                  Louisville, Kentucky

Cody Poole                                          Freshman                           Portsmouth, Ohio

Cory Schultz                                        Senior                                  Valley City, Ohio

Jacob Yazell                                        Junior                                    Lexington, Kentucky

Joseph Bush                                       Junior                                    Cynthiana, Kentucky

Jordan Racke                                     Junior                                    Alexandria, Kentucky

Kevin Hindman                                 Freshman                            Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kyle Davis                                            Freshman                            Clarksville, Ohio

Landon Herm                                     Senior                                   Louisville, Kentucky

Levi Stewart                                       Sophomore                        Ironton, Ohio

Mark Curtis Jr.                                   Sophomore                        Torrance, California

Michael McCubbins                        Sophomore                        Louisville, Kentucky

Mitch Hehn                                        Freshman                            Cincinnati, Ohio

Paul Wagner                                      Sophomore                        Florence, Kentucky

Quentin Humphries                        Freshman                            Flemingsburg, Kentucky

Ryan Henderson                              Sophomore                        New Orleans, Louisiana

Ryan Simpson                                    Freshman                            Frankfort, Kentucky

Stephen Hilowitz                              Sophomore                        Virginia Beach, Virginia

TJ Boyce                                               Sophomore                        Huntington, West Virginia

Tyler Kuykendall                               Sophomore                        Belleville, Illinois

Zach Doty                                            Senior                                   Nassau, New York

Zachary Dicken                                  Senior                                   Florence, Kentucky

Zach Schneider                                 Senior                                   Cynthiana, Kentucky


Coaching Staff 

Bobby Brown 17 Years Head Coach
Eric Spurlock 8 Years Assistant Coach


Men’s Highlights

  • 17 All American Awards
  • 1 Rookie of the Year Award
  • 2 Kerm Helmer Coach of the Year Awards
  • 1 Gordon Tiegne Service Award
  • Last Year’s Victories: Orange and Black Classic*,Buckeye Baker Classic, Thomas Burris Memorial, Hoosier Classic Backhaul Direct, Racers Classic*
  • Last Year’s Other Top Finishes: Lehigh Valley Classic- Second Place, Striking Knights Invitational- Second Place, Blue and Gold Classic- Third Place
  • Second Place Finish at Nationals in 2003

Women’s Highlights

  • 39 All American Awards
  • 2 Rookie of the Year Awards
  • 6 BWAA Collegiate Bowler of the Year Awards
  • 4 National Titles
  • Past Bowlers now on PBA tour include: Liz Johnson and Kelly Kulick



2015-2016 Season

26-Sep Green River Classic
10-Oct Western Shootout
17-Oct Orange & Black
24-Oct Boilermaker Classic
7-Nov Southern Classic
14-Nov Raider Classic
21-Nov Striking Knights
27-Dec Roto Grip Classic
29-Dec Lehigh Valley Classic
16-Jan Kegel Classic
23-Jan Buckeye Classic
6-Feb Eagle Classic
7-Feb Norse Classic
20-Feb Hoosier Classic
11-Mar Sectionals Singles
12-13 Mar Team Sectionals
9-Apr Club Championships
20-24 Apr Singles Nationals
20-24 Apr Team Nationals




In addition to the Women's Program having 4 National Titles they were also runner-up in 1993 and finished in 3rd place, in 2006 and 2008. The Men's Program earned runner-up in its' 2003 tournament and took 3rd place in 2005.

Other accomplishments include having 3 Rookies of the Year, 6 Bowlers of the Year, Gordon Teigen Service Award, 56 total All-American Athletes and two Kerm Helmer Coach of the Year Awards.

In 2013, the MSU Bowling Team also received Morehead State University’s Club of the Year Award.