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  • Home Town
    Oshawa, ONT (Canada)
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  • Throws
  • 300 Games


Mark Davies


Mark is a CTF level 1 certified coach

Mark has been drilling bowling balls at Bob Brace Pro Shop for 22 years, and has worked in his families centers since the age of 12. A loyal employee at Leisure lanes in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada since 1986, his family has been in the business since 1961 and has 3 members in the Greater Toronto and Ontario Provincial Hall of Fames.

Driller and Coach to numerous past and present team Canada Members and 2 National Champions, Mark takes pride in being a part in other bowler’s successes as well as his own.  

Married to Nicole since 1997 and father of two, Cheyne and Alyssa  


  • 1st - 2008 Kennedy player’s tour
  • 2nd - 2009 Classic players tour
  • 3rd - 2009 Burlington players tour
  • 3rd - 2009 Leisure players tour
  • 3rd - 1996 limestone scratch challenge
  • 1st - 1995 Cloverleaf scratch
  • 1st - 1993 - 300 Peterborough district association Est.1964 


Amateur Pro Shop Staff