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    Oshawa, Ontario Canada
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  • 300 Games


Mark Davies


Mark is a CTF Level I Certified Coach.  Mark has been drilling bowling balls at Bob Brace Pro Shop for 22 years and has worked in his families centers since the age of 12. A loyal employee at Leisure lanes in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada since 1986.  His family has been in business since 1961 and has three members in the Greater Toronto and Ontario Provincial Hall of Fame.

Driller and coach to numerous past and present Team Canada Members and two National Champions. Mark takes pride in being a part in other bowler’s successes, as well as his own.  

Married to Nicole since 1997 and the couple have two children, Cheyne and Alyssa.  


  • 1st    2008 Kennedy Player’s Tour Champion
  • 2nd  2009 Classic Players Tour
  • 3rd   2009 Burlington Players Tour
  • 3rd   2009 Leisure Players Tour
  • 3rd   1996 Limestone Scratch Challenge
  • 1st   1995 Cloverleaf Scratch Champion
  • 1st   1993 300 Peterborough District Association Champion (Established 1964) 


Amateur Pro Shop Staff